March 05, 2005

Fish Headitorial

I don't know quite know how this blog will shape up, but I feel drawn to it's creation.Plans are to present a mix of images, links, thoughts, creations and reviews about everything and anything, but particularly on art, music, literature, film & generally all things iconic, graphic design, illustrative, glittery to this magpie's eye, weird and wonderful.Art+sense of humour+wonderment+eye for things=big melange called (different) Kettle of Fish.


Blogger penny lane said...

sounds fun... let's have it.

3:39 am  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

Hi Penny Lane,
Yes, I'm a prevaricating and procrastinating type of person! I'll try and be more spontaneous and less perfectionist and just post...just started :]

10:24 am  

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