October 22, 2005

I believe a blog should be whatever you want it to be, but helps if you know what you want it to be. I feel the need to write a bit on Different Kettle of Fish, as I’m a bit bored of just posting paintings from around the web, and I haven’t got around to scanning much of my scrapbook files in. I love writing anyway, so that’s a good enough reason to do more of it.

When I was out walking just now, I thought of various things I wanted to write about, but now I’m sitting here at the computer, with some wonderful Duke Ellington on my headphones, my mind has become a hollow cavern of forgetfulness! It was a smashing sunset in the park – all sorts of deep rich red, orange, pink and yellow. A great colourful glow I wanted to bottle up for later. It made me think of that phrase which I here deliberately get wrong: “Sunset at night, Shepherd’s delight. Sunset in the morning, Shepherd’s warning.” Yes something defnitely askew with that!

For those that can pick up Radio 3, Duke Ellington is Composer of the Week starting this Monday – which means 5 hours of his music (minus the talking about it). It’s on again the week after in late evening. I like his simpler jaunty numbers, but it’s the Suites that I’m particularly enjoying at the moment – “Suite: Black, Brown and Beige”, “The Deep South Suite”, “The Perfume Suite”, “The Queen’s Suite” and others.


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