January 27, 2006

A slippery fish - Plans for this blog

I am crestfallen. Like a newt that's lost its headpiece. While my serendipitous weaving through some of my favourite paintings is all well and good, I have again lost sight of what I wanted Kettle of Fish to be - a more unpredictable ramble through everything. This could take me away from doing my own art on Elbowroom too much, so I'm not going to spend oodles of time on it.

I want to create more scrapbook montages on diverse subjects like telephones, cacti, surreal fish, beetles, chocolate, etc. This means doing a lot of scanning and compiling on the computer, and perhaps some research and writing too. So I am planning to do more involved things much less often, whilst still posting famous and not so famous paintings and other images when the will takes me. If you like looking here, then to keep tabs on new postings, why not subscribe to one of those blog news services, something like Bloglines. I think also I will start an archive that puts things under theme, to keep the scrapbook montages all together and find-able.


Blogger The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Hey I just found your KOF! Keep blogging here...it looks so fun. I happen to be trying to start a new thing like this myself...and am a little stuck too!

My other blog is not related to my On a Cell. I thought I would be really anon and be out there. Still stuck.

I will stay tuned...love your avatar guy!

5:41 am  
Blogger johnnynorms said...

The Kettle will certainly stay simmering, even if it's not boiling all of the time. Fancy a cup of fish?

11:57 am  

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