October 10, 2006

Different (Different) Kettle of Fish

(Different) Kettle of Fish is dead.
Long live (Different) Kettle of Fish!

In other words, the Kettle of Fish has moved to a new address:
www.differentfishkettle.blogspot.com in order to accomodate Beta Blogger.

Most of the postings here will be left behind - I'm just taking the equivalent of a toothbrush and my favourite book with me to the new place. See you there!

October 03, 2006

Sunset & Bulb

October 01, 2006

I must mark the passing of Sir Malcolm Arnold, who died recently.
Who he? A great British composer, individualist creator of both popular film scores (he's most famous for Bridge on the River Kwai) and classical works accessible, profound, surprising and compelling.

My personal favourites - many of his 9 symphonies, the guitar concerto, Comedy Suite (Exploits for orchestra) from the Belles of St Trinians film score, and the various sets of dances.

Two more links > All Music Guide, and the Official website.